Presentation slides 2013

Albert-László Barabási - Network Science: From Structure to Control

Vittoria Colizza - Heterogeneities and the Spatial Spread of Infectious Diseases

Christopher M. Danforth - Remote Sensing of Emotional States in Real-Time –

Christopher L. DeMarco - Describing Power Grid Cascading Outage Dynamics as Phase Transitions in Nearly Hamiltonian Models

Michelle Girvan - Finding New Order in Biological Functions from the Network Structure of Gene Annotations

Marta C. González - Tackling Urban Challenges with Information and Communications Technologies

Naoki Masuda - Laplacian Dynamics Slows Down on Temporal Networks

Anna Nagurney - Envisioning a Future Internet Architecture: The Network Economics of ChoiceNet

Jie Sun - Controllability Transition and Nonlocality in Network Control

Bruce J. West - Fractional Calculus View of Complexity: A Tutorial