Presentation slides

Nasir Ahmad - Analyzing Multivariate Time Series Data Using a Network-Based Approach

Lora Billings - Pre-Extinction Dynamics in Stochastic Populations

Michelle A. Birkett - Racial Disparities and the Influence of Residential and Social Spaces on the Structure of HIV Transmission

Alexander DeLuna - Aging Mechanisms Revealed by Large-Scale Genetic Analysis of Yeast Lifespan

Mario Di Bernardo - Self-Organizing and Multiplex Control of Complex Networks

Aram Galstyan - Latent Space Models for Complex Networks

Daniel J. Gauthier - Dynamics of Autonomous Boolean Networks

István Z. Kiss - Control of Networks of Chemical Oscillations: Synchronization Engineering and Optimal Entrainment

Daniel B. Larremore - Networks and the Evolution of Malaria’s Virulence in Humans and Apes

Xin Lin - Long-Term Failure Prediction Based on ARP Model of Global Risk Network

Prakash Narayan - Shared Information

Mark J. Panaggio - Basins of Attraction for Chimera States

Louis Pecora - Finding and Forming Synchronized Clusters in Complex Networks of Oscillators Using Symmetries

Maurizio Porfiri - Synchronization and Control in Networks of Stochastically Coupled Oscillators

Shai Revzen - Synchronization and Dimensionality Reduction in Networks of Hybrid Phase Oscillators: A Perspective from Legged Locomotion

Saray Shai - Multiplex Networks in Metropolitan Areas: Generic Features and Local Effects

F. Bill Shi - How Science Thinks: Dynamic Network Models of Science's Unfolding Structure

Andrey L. Shilnikov - Bifurcation Theory for Networks

Jie Sun - Sustainable Dynamical Perturbations in Complex Network Synchronization

Brian Thompson - Active Defense Strategies for Limiting Disruption to Network Functionality Due to Propagating Malware

Yogesh S. Virkar - The Hamiltonian Mean Field Model: Effect of Network Structure on Synchronization Dynamics

Daniel K. Wells - Control of State Transitions in Biophysical Networks