Network Frontier Workshop 2013

The Network Frontier Workshop 2013 was held at Northwestern University from December 4 through 6, 2013. The Workshop was attended by 94 participants from 12 different countries, of which 34 were students, 24 were postdoctoral researchers, and 36 were faculty members.

Participants working on innovative aspects of complex systems research communicated recent results and ideas relevant to fields as diverse as brain, climate, and socio-technological research. Presentations included both theory and applications of nonlinear dynamics and statistical physics in the context of synchronization, cascades, transportation, control, and failure recovery in complex dynamical systems.

Keynote speakers were Luís A. N. Amaral (Northwestern, USA), Albert-László Barabási (Northeastern, USA), Jürgen Kurths (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany), Zoltán Toroczkai (Notre Dame, USA).

The meeting was run in a single session to facilitate interactions between different subfields. The first day of the meeting was dedicated to tutorials and presentations from young researchers. The second and third days were focused mainly on talks from invited speakers. A poster session was held on the second day. Four special talks were also held throughout the meeting: a lunch talk, an evening talk, a poster-session talk, and a colloquium jointly organized with the Department of Physics and Astronomy of Northwestern University. In total, the meeting included 49 talks and 15 poster presentations.

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