Network Frontier Workshop 2011

The first edition of the Network Frontier Workshop consisted of a two-day event in December 2011 highlighting leading-edge research on complex networks. Participants working on innovative aspects of complex systems communicated recent results and ideas relevant to fields as diverse as biophysics, energy, and materials research. Sessions included theory and applications of nonlinear dynamics and statistical physics in the context of synchronization, cascades, percolation, control, and failure recovery in complex dynamical systems.

Keynote speakers were Réka Albert (Penn State), Daniel ben-Avraham (Clarkson), Ian Dobson (Iowa State), Marty Golubitsky (Ohio State), Peter Grassberger (Calgary), Kevin M. Lynch (Northwestern), Adilson E. Motter (Northwestern), and Edward Ott (Maryland). The closing talk of the workshop was the keynote presentation given by Réka Albert at the Physics and Astronomy Colloquium.

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2011 Program & Schedule